If you’ve decided to invest or trade in cryptocurrencies, you’ve come to the right place. With the demanding hours of the cryptocurrency market trading 24/7, it’s hard to manage the risk of losing money. To be able to reduce significant losses when trading crypto, you’ll need an advanced crypto trading platform like CoinPanel.

What is CoinPanel?

CoinPanel’s crypto trading platform caters to beginners as well as experienced crypto traders by placing orders automatically, based on your pre-set price conditions. When you connect your crypto exchange to CoinPanel, you can eliminate errors, emotions, and delays when it comes to trading your preferred digital assets.

CoinPanel is built by a leading team of experts based in Sweden, and developed by a group of Google Certified Experts. The platform runs on the Google Cloud Platform, an infrastructure protected by top experts. The data is fully encrypted, and secure on Google Data Centres.

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CoinPanel’s revolutionary trading tools

Setting concurrent orders: Take-profit and stop-loss

Unlike trading on a cryptocurrency exchange — where you must wait until your buy order is filled to set your take-profit and stop orders, with CoinPanel, you can set your orders concurrently, without having to continuously monitor the market.

Automating exit positions and adjusting stop-loss

Another common issue encountered when trading directly on an exchange is that you need to manually exit your positions, and also adjust your stop-loss amount after taking partial profits. CoinPanel automates the exiting of positions as well as the adjustment of your stop-loss order amount after taking partial profits.

Order notifications when trades are filled

CoinPanel can also send you notifications when your orders are filled, while an exchange can only send you price alerts. Having to continuously monitor the market is not realistic for most individual traders, which is why CoinPanel’s all-in-one platform automates trading for you.

All you need to do is to connect your crypto exchange to CoinPanel, and from there you can easily automate your trading strategy, and let us do the work for you.