Have you heard of the Ping-Pong trading strategy? Maybe in more general terms – “buy low and sell high”? Just as the name implies, Ping-Pong trading is a way you can play a little game of ping-pong with the prices of crypto. It is most easily explained as a bot that sets a bottom price to buy and an upper price to sell. Then, it double-checks if this price difference is enough to surpass the fee costs.

We will give you an example to make it as clear as possible: in the picture, you can see a sample of the price chart. If you have applied the Ping-Pong trading strategy between 19 000 and 20 000 on the 14th of September, you could have made 4 sells and 4 buys (or 4 complete trading cycles) within less than one month.

Buying 1 Bitcoin at 19000 and Selling it at 20000 makes a profit of 1000 dollars (exchange fees are not included) from single Ping-Pong Trade. However, that trading strategy is a continuous one, and thanks to price volatility it has resulted in 4 complete trades that brought a profit of almost 4000 dollars in less than one month!

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