Dear Users,

Some of you have already noticed that Binance has recently made a drastic security update to API
key creation process: Effective from 2023-01-30 00:00 (UTC), if your IP is unrestricted, the system
generated API Key can not allow any permission other than [Enable Reading].

It means that from now on users are required to perform a few extra steps in order to make trading
via CoinPanel possible again.

Otherwise, on every attempt to place a new trade, CoinPanel will respond “Order couldn’t be
created. Please try again later!”

There is nothing to worry about. We prepared a detailed user guide on how to remove IP address
restrictions and how to re-Enable Spot & Margin Trading –

Please duly follow every step of the process (it should take you less than 5 minutes)!

Make sure that your settings page looks like the following screenshot.

We wish you profitable trading!
CoinPanel Team.