Hi CoinPanelers,

We would like to thank you for your immense support of the CoinPanel Academy. We were hoping it would be beneficial for our community but the attention we got was beyond our expectations. 

For the newcomers to the CoinPanel Family, we just launched our academy one week ago and it was a pleasure to see so many crypto enthusiasts valuing formal education. If you want to learn more about the processes of how we built this academy, check out our latest blog.

We believe that CoinPanel Academy will be a life-changing opportunity for most of our users since it helps you to gain the required knowledge about trading. Later on, you can combine some practical skills and experiences from trying out online trading on your own. Again, we would like to help you to have a strong kick-off to crypto trading by giving out a free subscription as a gift from CoinPanel while you are taking CoinPanel Academy courses. After that, if you see through the classes and pass the final exam your CoinPanel subscription will be extended to a one-year free version. 

With this support, CoinPanel ensures that you are gaining some hands-on practical experience while Academy ensures you are building a theoretical background for crypto trading. We would like to remind you that CoinPanel academy is very different from the rest as our top courses hold British University diplomas certified by the British Government in trading at level 3 and level 5.

Here is a quick introduction to CoinPanel Academy. Don’t forget to sign-up for a free CoinPanel subscription.