You may have noticed that we’ve recently made a new addition to our platform. We have launched our new Market tab, where you will be able to discover the Watchlist feature with the existing Chart Mirroring functionality.

We believe that the Watchlist feature is an essential part of a trader’s routine, therefore we created a dedicated page for easier access to this functionality. New features are also coming to the Market tab, stay tuned!

Where can I access Watchlists and Chart Mirroring?

In order to access the existing Chart Mirroring and Watchlist functionality, please head to the Market page and under “Trader” near the top left side of the screen, please select your preferred analyst.

Once you have selected the trader, you can then select the preferred watchlist in the section underneath.

All Chart Mirroring and Chart Flagging features will remain the same, you can access the existing features on the Market page.

To continue trading, please select the Trade tab. Check out the new tab on CoinPanel now!