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Forming crypto trading strategies is one of the most important factors for success. Part of creating digital asset trading strategies is using technical analysis, which may be difficult for new investors to understand and may take time to learn.

Chart Mirroring

New to crypto trading?

Prior to getting into cryptocurrency trading, investors should be able to understand the basics of technical analysis, which underpins many entries and exits a trader may decide to take. By examining historical price data, traders are able to identify trading opportunities given by price movement, volume and other technical indicators.  

While understanding technical analysis and observing trends on a trading chart is essential, not everyone has the time to learn various chart patterns from scratch. One of the easiest ways to learn technical analysis is from crypto market leaders and analysts who are familiar with the market.

Investors should be able to directly get access to experts’ drawings and projections without having to redraw every trend line and indicator for every single crypto. This is why CoinPanel built a new and exciting feature – Chart Mirroring. 

What is Chart Mirroring?

This tool allows crypto traders of any level to be able to get access to and view your preferred analyst’s trading charts directly on the platform. 

This way, investors would no longer have to worry about retracing every step the analyst shares. You can directly trade based on the trends set out on the chart presented by your favorite analysts. 

Those who are a little bit more experienced and wish to create their own trading strategies may benefit from getting inspiration and new ideas from top experts through Chart Mirroring. 

Chart Mirroring would be an efficient tool for market analysts who wish to share with the community their projections in the market. Experts who are looking to add value to their communities, or wish to simplify trading for them can now share their technical analysis through CoinPanel’s Chart Mirroring.

Chart Mirroring is a feature that users can use on its own, or with an integrated exchange on CoinPanel.

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