Trading cryptocurrencies can often feel overwhelming, when it comes to keeping an eye on whether you are making a profit from your trades. The cryptocurrency market faces a boatload of volatility, and this could often mean that you will need to adjust your trades. Before cryptocurrencies evolve into more of a mature asset, it could mean volatility is here to stay for a while.

Each cryptocurrency has a different value, liquidity and could drastically change within a short period of time. Since the cryptocurrency market trades around the clock, the value of your digital assets could make huge moves overnight or over the weekend.

You may soon realize that keeping track of all your cryptocurrency trades is not easy, and it can’t be done by making entries in spreadsheets. Although you can enter the details of your positions in online cryptocurrency portfolios, it’s still an extra step you need to take, to sign up and choose a portfolio tracker.

When trading on a cryptocurrency exchange, you can see your portfolio of which assets you have purchased, and your overall profits and losses, but to keep track of your positions — when you bought and how much — you need to use a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app.

Many third-party applications in the market offer the ability to track your positions, however, this could mean inputting the trades will have to be done manually.

When you have many open positions, and especially if you are a day trader, it could mean that this could quickly become confusing, and even very time-consuming. To combat this inefficiency in the market, CoinPanel has released a new feature — Positions — which automatically tracks your trades without leaving the same platform you use to trade in.

CoinPanel’s user-centric approach is committed to providing the best experience for you to get the most out of trading cryptocurrencies. Not only does CoinPanel offer a seamless trading process for cryptocurrencies, but the platform also offers a Positions feature, which helps you track your profits and losses, and trade history.

The idea of having a portfolio is to quickly view all of your open positions and be able to see how the value of your portfolio changes. CoinPanel’s Positions feature allows you to see all of your open positions with just one click. We provide a clean layout that you will enjoy looking at and using, saving you time and stress when using this feature.

CoinPanel ‘s Positions feature offers more than that — it enables you to track how you have implemented your trading strategies, and how effective they were. Being able to learn, reflect, and track your trading strategies seamlessly could enable you to improve your strategy of making profits in the future.

CoinPanel is also easy to view on your mobile, for you to view your real-time positions at your fingertips. Effortlessly monitor all your crypto assets, and across different accounts with CoinPanel.