While choosing an exchange for selling and buying crypto, it is important to make a conscious choice. Why? Because choosing a credible platform that takes user security seriously is the easiest way to improve your chances of making successful investments. The right platform can also help you to gradually build your competence, which further increases your chances of being a long-term winner in the crypto market. This is what CoinPanel is all about: to help you make your crypto journey profitable and smooth by using our expertise – an expertise that comes from several years of experience in the crypto industry.

Most traders are looking for a variety of financial instruments: a selection of traded assets, trading volumes and size of the trading commission. But the fact is that this has very little significance if the platform is not reliable or secure. So – what are the key factors to take into consideration before choosing a crypto exchange? To begin with, you want to trade on a reliable and safe platform. Trust us – you will thank yourself for making it a lot easier for yourself to limit losses and secure profits. When looking up different exchanges, keep the words safety, security and reliability in the front of your mind.

Other aspects to keep into consideration are the payment methods offered, the trading fees and which currency the platform supports. As mentioned above, this can increase your chances of making successful trades both today and in the future.

However, the most important parameter that every trader should look at is the platform’s financial licenses in different countries. Considering there are more than 500 exchange trading platforms to choose from, it is important to understand why and which licenses are important for secure trading. Let’s look at the oldest crypto exchange founded in the USA, their crypto licenses and state bank license, and why it helps them to be the strongest exchange in the game, found which one is it?

‘Kraken’, is a US-based crypto exchange platform founded in 2011 containing 50+ cryptocurrencies that you can trade. Kraken is regulated by 

  • FinCen in USA (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network), 
  • FINTRAC in Canada, 
  • FCA in the United Kingdom
  • ADGM from UAE licenses. 

In 2020 they also became the digital asset exchange to get a banking license. The firm launched Wyoming-based Kraken Financial. This means that they now can provide comprehensive deposit-taking, custody, and fiduciary services for digital assets.

It is expected that regulators will increase their regulations regarding crypto transactions more and more. This will presumably make traders prioritize choosing an exchange platform with financial licenses in order to protect their assets and transactions to increase their safety. Exchanges like Kraken will further outline the risk factors traders face while buying and selling cryptocurrencies and offer a more secure cloud system for your intangible assets.

After reading this article, we hope that you feel motivated to make a conscious choice of platform – because this is the easiest and most superior way to create the right conditions for fun and successful trading and to avoid unexpected surprises that reduce your profits.

CoinPanel: safe, sustainable and fun crypto trading

CoinPanel is an API execution service connecting to multiple centralized crypto exchanges, such as Kraken.  This allows you to trade on all your exchanges on just one sleek user face. Our platform makes it possible to set any desired price for any par, or any exchange we support, no matter what limits there are imposed currently.

Our trading automation platform enables faster execution for trades, which is essential for successful trade outcomes. Built on top of world-class infrastructure, we can ensure you that your data is encrypted and secure in Google Data Centers. We always promote trading sustainability by sharing our expertise to build our users’ competence, and of course – by offering a safe and user-friendly trading platform with secure terms and conditions.

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