Hi CoinPanelers! We recently launched the Huobi integration on CoinPanel. In celebration of a new partnership with Huobi Global, we are happy to announce that CoinPanel subscribers will now get a chance to win $10,000 in USDT!

You can now integrate your Huobi exchange account on CoinPanel to enjoy the platform’s smart trading experience and a full suite of institutional-grade analytical tools. To create a new Huobi exchange account, please use this link.

CoinPanel enables you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies easier than ever before and enables faster execution for trades, which is essential for successful trade outcomes.

CoinPanel’s Full Trade feature will allow you to set entry, take-profit and stop-loss orders simultaneously to maximize your gains while minimizing potential losses. Orders will be automatically executed when the price hits the target prices you’ve set, so you will no longer have to lose sleep monitoring the market 24/7.

In addition to being able to automate your trading strategies, you will get access to a set of institutional-grade tools which will allow you to review your trading performance among all trading pairs and portfolio management features as part of the platform’s full suite of smart trading tools. 

For a limited time only, here’s how you can get a chance to win $10,000 in USDT:

  1. Like and Retweet this Tweet, follow CoinPanel on Twitter
  2. Become a CoinPanel subscriber
  3. Integrate your Huobi exchange account on CoinPanel

The winner and results will be announced on our blog and Twitter page, stay tuned.