The cryptocurrency market has seen a lot of volatility in the past few months. A lot of traders and investors in the market have lost their money during this phase. During these times our platform ‘Coinpanel’ helps traders minimize their risks and offer to gain more during the bull run when it comes. 

The platform offers various features which help the buyers easily understand the market and trade in a much better way. The platform is easily compatible with all the top exchanges making it easier to link accounts for the buyer. We also help the trader in viewing his portfolio effectively to diversify his risk as he uses the portfolio feature. The platform also lets you import and export various chart images on the app and compare your charts.

But out of all these various features the one which is one of the most important for a trader when initially starting to trade or learning the skill. The chart mirroring feature helps the trader see charts of various industry experts and get a varied view of the cryptocurrency market and learn their rationale behind the same. The charts will show you the support, and resistance levels with the idea of each different trader. The trader can access this feature from the market dropdown on our website.

We are daily getting new traders to join the platform and grow the community to make it more integrated. You can check out our current analysts from your ‘Market Section‘.

Sell Full Trade Feature

The platform has also started the ‘Sell Full Trade Feature’ which allows the users to short a stock basically meaning they can sell the security first and then buy it later at a reduced price when they expect it to go down. One can also take stop-loss trades from the platform enabling them to protect their capital because of the high volatility in the bitcoin market. This feature is very useful and is another of the many amazing features offered by us.

If you want to learn more about ‘Sell Full Trade’, take a look at our Features section.

Chart Mirroring

The chart mirroring feature gives a chart of this sort by experts wherein you can see the analysis done by the expert and trade advice given by them.

Global Portfolio

Another flagship that helps traders analyze their portfolios as a whole is the portfolio feature. In this feature, CoinPanel displays a pie chart showing the weights of your major holdings. To filter out minor holdings, there is also an option to filter out your holdings below $10! 

Moreover, under the Balances tab, you can see the assets you have in your crypto exchange account and the Available Balance – the number of assets that are not locked up in orders.