Hi CoinPanelers!

Today we have some exciting news for you but first, we would like to ask you what do you think are the key success factors for profitable trading?

In our opinion, making profitable trades consistently is all about wise planning and proper execution. If you don’t plan your trades correctly, you can’t execute profitable trades. So, here at CoinPanel, our platform is currently all about the correct and proper execution. Whenever the trader is educated enough and knows where to enter and exit a position, placing an order using CoinPanel guarantees a smooth and timely execution across any of multiple exchanges. 

However, some trading experience and a good platform don’t equal success every time. The trader should plan wisely and that requires some advanced knowledge. To gain this knowledge, you might have studied some charting articles and probably watched some YouTube videos. Still, all of these pieces of information are very instructional and thus have little practical usage regarding self-improvement. Especially when something unexpected happens, many traders are left clueless as to why that particular theory didn’t work thus incurring significant damage to their balance.

When a position plays out this way you can understand that formal education will help to build extensive knowledge which in turn will lead to good planning that will be measured by your success. In light of these facts, we wanted to provide you with both a good planning and execution platform. We partnered with one of the top education providers: ‘Stellar Education, which has over 30 years of experience in Trading Financial markets and teaching traders.  Unlike many other course providers out there, Stellar courses are certified by UK Government. Level 3 and Level 5 Financial Trading SKILLSFIRST Accredited diploma courses that can be learned in the comfort of your home (under strict exam guidelines by OFQUAL). With this degree, you will have increased your chance of becoming a success story in the very best of ways, through knowledge and education.

CoinPanel believes that success will come from proper execution and good planning and successful trading will come from the knowledge you will earn from CoinPanel Academy and practicing those skills on the best trading execution platform. As a result, anyone signing up for one of our diploma courses will also enjoy free access to CP throughout their training. It is our aim to produce the most highly trained community of digital asset traders out there. In addition, anyone seeing it all the way through and passing the final examination will receive an extra one-year free subscription as a gift from CoinPanel to help you on your way to being a pro trader.

We believe in the future of crypto and that future for us is our traders so naturally wanting to help you succeed is our priority.

Start your crypto training journey with CoinPanel Academy!