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What is Ping-Pong Trading? Now Available on CoinPanel!

Have you heard of the Ping-Pong trading strategy? Maybe in more general terms – “buy low and sell high”? Just


How simple patterns help us predict ETH’s movements

In a previous analysis published at the beginning of Q3, we had predicted that after breaking $1700 resistance, ETH was

Crypto Trading

Risk Management

Do you want to trade crypto on a user-friendly platform that makes it easier to maximize your cryptocurrency gains while


Here is why you should start trading on licensed exchanges

While choosing an exchange for selling and buying crypto, it is important to make a conscious choice. Why? Because choosing

Crypto Trading

A broad overview of Day Trading

In one of our previous blogs, we introduced a quick guide to Day Trading and Spot Trading. Moreover, in the last blog, we

Market Updates

Will Bitcoin be able to sustain over $19000 after the deep sell-off seen on Tuesday?

The Nasdaq Composite Index plunged more than 4% on Tuesday after new inflation data revealed that the rate of inflation


CoinPanel is on TikTok Now!

Hi CoinPanelers, Today’s blog post is going to be a little different—we have some exciting news to share! It is


Thank you CoinPanelers

Hi CoinPanelers, We would like to thank you for your immense support of the CoinPanel Academy. We were hoping it

Crypto Trading

Why do the best traders prefer trading on CoinPanel?

The cryptocurrency market has seen a lot of volatility in the past few months. A lot of traders and investors

Crypto Trading

What are Leverage and Liquidation Levels?

Hi CoinPanelers! This week are going to explain to you what leverage and liquidation levels are for trading. We usually

Market Updates

What happened with Bitcoin and Ethereum this week?

After consolidating in a tight range between $22500 and $24500, Bitcoin may finally be ready for a breakout. Traders should


Taking a big step forward – CoinPanel & Stellar launch CoinPanel Academy

Hi CoinPanelers! Today we have some exciting news for you but first, we would like to ask you what do

Crypto Trading

Tips on maintaining a stop-loss: What are the advantages?

A sustainable trading mechanism requires a planned entry, holding period, and exit plan. We have previously articulated the entry and

Crypto Trading

Here is our Easy 4 Step to Avoid FOMO Trades

What are FOMO Trades? FOMO as the word stands is the fear of missing out on a situation or an

Crypto Trading

What is the Importance of Booking Losses Early?

In this article, you will learn how to identify a failed trade and the importance of booking losses early. In